Interest in Carnatic Music is waning by the day. Children prefer film and light music. I am not saying that film music is inferior. Some of the film songs that are not vulgar do bring out the beauty of Carnatic music. Children do sing these songs very well because these songs have been set to music that the children easily understand. The same children do not listen to Carnatic music nor show interest in learning it. There is no point in finding fault with them. It is our duty and responsibility to teach our children the uniqueness and greatness of Carnatic Music.

We need to first inculcate an interest in music in children. The songs should not be very difficult to sing. The music should be very simple and uncomplicated. If children are taught difficult songs they are bound to sing them wrong. Once they begin singing incorrectly, it is difficult to rectify. In time,they stop singing since they cannot sing well. They also develop a distaste for music. We need to prevent this.

Nowadays some of the concepts of higher classes are made easy for young children by adopting modern teaching techniques. The songs in this book can be taught to the children straightaway, since it is very easy to sing them. I have no doubt that the children will learn them with ease. We should come out of the old practice of teaching VARISAIS in Mayamalavagowla for a whole year. If they are taught these songs children will sing all of them in a week's time and the VARISAIS are already embedded in the songs. Dr Seetha has explained this in detail in her Foreword. Even a five year old child can sing these songs. Children have sung these thrice on public platforms. The songs have been sung in the Children programmes of Doordharshan.

I have ventured to publish this since many eminent musicians felt the need for such compositions and my husband offered help to bring this out.

I thank Dr Seetha, Head of Music,Madras University for coming forward to give her valuable foreword to this publication.

Though I am not against any languages, like Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar, I believe that 'out of the languages that I know of, Tamil language is the sweetest'. Hence I have composed these songs in Tamil so that we can teach the children initially in this language that is sweeter than honey. Children will enjoy singing these songs. They will get Sruthilayam and Ragagnanam. They will also automatically develop a fondness for Tamil. The children will get an opportunity to learn useful thoughts as well as the stories from our various epics.

I pray that all children sing these songs and be blessed by the Almighty.