Bhagavatham was recited to the King Parikshith by Sukha son of Saint Vyasa. SRI HARISARAM is based on Bhagavatham. This contains all the episodes of Bhagavatham. Even grown ups are not patient enough to read the entire Bhagavatham written in 2000-3000 pages. Needless to talk about the youngsters.

Sri Harisaram provides the opportunity to understand the ancient and traditional practices, customs and value systems. It is written in simple Tamil so that even young children can follow.

Even though I have published seven of my works, due to failing health I was not able to publish this work. Sri Balakrishna Sastrigal came to know of this. Out of his concern for me and looking at the significance of the work, he introduced me to Sri Nachiyappan to help publish this. I thank both of them. Since it has been written for reciting only I have not notated and set this to music.

I pray to the Almighty to shower His blessings to all those who recite Sri Harisaram.